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Susan Rose - Business and Leadership Skills Coach


Join me in a 2-day workshop for women managers  and business owners who struggle with disengagement in the workplace — with their teams, colleagues, and business or alliance partners.

You will leave with proven ways to transform those dysfunctional work relationships… AND to begin truly enjoying your team and your work!

Susan Rose

Inner Dragon Coaching



Are you the victim of this statistic?

74% of the workforce is dissatisfied with their jobs.

. . .and what does that really mean for you?  For one thing, it means lost profits due to lack of productivity.  Gallup estimates $300 billion in lost productivity per year.  It affects all businesses, all sizes.  What portion of that loss is yours?

Disengagement can take a variety of forms.  I bet you recognize, and may be experiencing  more than one if not all of them.

  • Lack of enthusiasm
  • Productivity at abysmal levels
  • Late task/project completion
  • Complaining & gossiping
  • Tardiness and absences
  • Withdrawal
  • Negative attitude
  • Disruptive behavior
  • Minimal performance and contribution
  • Employees leaving
  • And more. . .

And that’s just on the employee side.  What about you, the boss?  You’re probably feeling much the same.  Or worse because, guess what… it’s on you!  Yep, sorry to say that for 85% of those disengaged employees, the reason for their dissatisfaction is their direct supervisor (regardless of level).

Ok, are you thoroughly disgusted, frustrated, resigned, even depressed thinking about it?  That’s understandable.  AND. . .here’s the good news:  YOU have the tools and the power to turn this around.  YOU can, not only retain employees, but effectively rekindle the passion and productivity that generates results.

On a daily basis, you make decisions and take actions that make a difference in the success of your team, and your business.  You make the  difference. . .for better or worse.  The answer resides with you. . .want to hear more?

You already have everything you need.  Really, you do!  We simply need to bring awareness to what you’ve already got and focus it!  Your talents, ability, and brand of effectiveness may not look like everyone else, but it can be every bit as effective and productive. . .and in many cases more so.  You’ll achieve a shift in perspective that allows you to take actions you’ve never taken before, engaging and empowering people in far more effective ways.

In redirecting your talents and energy, here’s what you can expect:

  • More clarity around who you are and your style of management
  • A higher level of workability for yourself and your team
  • Techniques for dealing with difficult situations
    • Contentious meetings
    • Unacceptable behavior/problem employees
    • Mistakes (big ones) and excuses
  • A new found ease in your leadership
  • The ability to inspire and motivate
  • The ability to instill a sense of enthusiasm and ownership in your team
  • More $$$$$ on the bottom line!!!

It is sustainable and it is empowering.  And it makes a difference in today’s business environment where even the smallest of disconnects can cost more than you can afford.

You are the answer to achieving unconscious success for both your team and yourself.  Don’t believe it?  I get it.  And this is where we start. . .with you.

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Just some of the things you’ll experience in this 2-day highly interactive program (and beyond) include:

  • Reconnecting with your greatest strengths and values
  • Sharing your story — what’s been working (or not)
  • Coming out from behind your image or persona
  • Breaking down the barriers
  • Tools and techniques that work!
  • Bringing it all back to the workplace
  • A surprise presentation and take away
  • Follow-up ‘Check-In and Tweaking’ calls at 1, 2 and 3 months

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Here’s what just a few of Susan’s clients are saying:

Susan is a brilliant coach.  Her experience and knowledge in the field creates exceptional results for her clients. Her unique approach allows her to recognize and pinpoint patterns that cause limitations.  While working with Susan and receiving her encouragement and support, I’ve experienced major changes in my life.  The insight that I’ve gained about myself and what truly motivates me has given my career a confidence reboot, and my connection to my family has taken on a new meaning.  I am grateful for the work and the amazing results.  I strongly encourage you to work with her, either in her workshops, groups, or private sessions.

– Mirjana G.

* * *

I have had the pleasure of working with Susan in her coaching through Inner Dragon.  Susan is creative, insightful and totally effective in helping to develop business and personal lives and relationships.  She has done presentations for me for several community groups – all well received.  Susan = success.

– Kim K.

* * *

I have known Susan Rose for over 10 years both personally and professionally.  I cannot speak more highly of Susan.  She is a skillful coach who, with her insightful questions and great listening skills, helped me through my greatest challenges in maximizing my efforts to accomplish my business and personal goals.  She helped me set clear priorities, and was instrumental in helping me put together a life plan to help me get unstuck in key areas of my business and personal life.  If you are looking for a truly exceptional coach Susan is the one for you.

– Julie V.

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Friday and Saturday, March 20th and 21st

  • 8:00 am – Continental Breakfast
  • 8:30 am to 12:00 pm – Morning Session
  • 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm – Lunch Provided
  • 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm – Afternoon Session
 “Friday evening the first drink is on me!”
– Susan


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