Individual Coaching & Complimentary Session

One on OneQuickly achieve optimum results by working one-on-one with your coach.  Define a program that specifically addresses your needs and fulfills the vision you have for yourself and for your business.

Not sure if coaching is right for you?  Schedule a complimentary session to learn about coaching, the coach/client relationship, and receive a coaching demo.  You’ll have the opportunity to experience coaching and address any questions or concerns you may have prior to committing to a coaching agreement.  Click here to schedule your complimentary session now.


Group/Team Coaching

Group MeetingTopics of common interest or concern can effectively be handled through group or team coaching.  Though similar in many ways, there is a distinct difference between group and team coaching.  Group coaching addresses a common interest or concern with a group of people who may not be united by anything other than the coaching topic.  Team coaching, on the other hand, is done with groups, around a common goal.  To discuss/request customized Group or Team coaching, submit your request via the Contact Us page.


Presentations & Workshops

Calendar 2Please see the Calendar of Events page for currently scheduled events.

If you would like to request additional dating or have a special presentation/workshop/training need you would like to discuss, please forward details via the Contact Us page.


Energy Leadership Index Assessment

The ELI Assessment is a powerful tool to help individuals identify their level of engagement in their work and in their life.  Understanding the 7 levels of energy identified in this tool provides tremendous insight into the factors that hinder us and those that enable us in interacting with others and achieving goals.  Go to the Energy LeadershipTM Index Assessment page to get more infomation about this valuable tool, and find out how to schedule your assessment today.