Susan G. Rose

Susan G. Rose - Business and Leadership Skills Coach

Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP)

After 30+ years in the corporate arena, Susan is taking the opportunity to share with others the aspect of corporate work that she loves most – coaching and facilitating others’ success.  Her career has provided ongoing opportunities to work closely with all levels of management within corporations large and small.  By focusing on interactions between individuals and enterprises, she has repeatedly facilitated development of productive, creative, and collaborative business relationships in support of industry-wide initiatives.  Being a great listener who also communicates clearly and concisely, Susan is adept at identifying disconnects between parties and laying out steps to facilitate discussion, decisions, and ultimately solutions.  Her work encompasses group as well as individual coaching both within and outside of corporations.

Spending 20+ years working for a Fortune 100 company has firmly ingrained in Susan the commitment to meeting high expectations and of performance.  Combined with a deep belief in the value of diversity and the strength of interpersonal relationships to support effective collaboration, creativity, and dedication makes her a valued participant in your leadership initiative.

In addition to her own practice, Susan is a founding partner of the Lighthouse Development Group, which is available to serve a varied client base, drawing on the diverse talents of its partner coaches and their associates.


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